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There is a lot of talk about WordPress and a lot of different opinions. One thing that is true across all of those opinions is that WordPress is flexible. This means you are never stuck in a box. You can always extend your site to add more features so that it can grow as your organization grows.

You may have used WordPress before and hated it. To be honest, 90% of the WordPress sites out there we have had bad experiences with too. Because WordPress is Open Source, anyone can use it to build just about anything. Some of those people are new to programming and just learning how to create websites. Others are advanced engineers that use it to power large scale apps and websites. It all depends on how good the creator is.



WordPress is like a steak, it depends on the chef that prepared it.



Here’s how we are different

Most people that have used WordPress have purchased a theme and downloaded plugins to add the functionality that they require. We DO NOT do this. Everything on our platform was built by us specifically for the purpose of this platform. Using Themes and Plugins is like connecting dots to try and piece together your site to do what you want it to. We create those dot. We’ve spent years planning what makes the perfect website for churches and ministries and have then built that functionality into our platform itself. We extend WordPress to do more than it was originally intended to do.



Everything on The Church Co is custom built to work in harmony together.


When you download themes and plugins it is like hitting a bunch of keys on a piano and hoping to write a song.



Theme Independence – Our Favorite Feature

All of our themes are built for use on our platform. They each work with our custom Page Builder to display your content in different ways. This is our favorite feature! At any time you can switch your theme and your website will take on a new look instantly. You may love your website today, but will you love it in two years? If not, switch your theme to one of our more recent ones and you will have a brand new look that is modern and relevant. Project over.

Extending WordPress

Instead of adding features to WordPress, we have extended WordPress itself by building components into the platform. Each of our features has been crafted to work with the WordPress Architecture so that the editing experience is seamless between your pages to your blogs, events, podcasts and even Online Giving. We haven’t slapped a plugin on top of the site to allow you to do something. Instead, we have built those features into the core of our platform for ease of use and a unified user experience. Take online giving, for instance; There is no popup or redirection, the form is shown inline on your page which gives the user a sense of security that they are giving to your organization.

Give it a shot

If you have used WordPress before, give us a try. You will find some things very familiar and others will be completely new. Send us your feedback! We are always working to make an easy system for people to manage their sites.

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