We’ve watched a lot of people create and maintain websites and here is what we’ve found.

We found that it usually takes people about 3 weeks to build their own site. After the site launches they start maintaining the website. This goes on for the entire time the site is online. Sometimes over ten years!

When people are choosing a platform they almost never focus on how easy it will be to maintain the site. They typically look at how easy it is to build. This gets them started quickly but leads to a world of pain over the next few years.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you are using a website builder and you want to add an Event on your site. You create an event and add the date. What happens on day after the event ends? You have to go in an update the website to remove it.

This is a static, old-school approach!

Our event system knows what day it is and removes the event for you to save you time.

Here is another example…

You want to have a blog that houses everything for your church and another blog for your youth group. A lot of systems have you create a page and add links to each new post which is really another static page.

We are a bit different. In our system you create a category in your blog called “youth”. On your youth page add a “Blog Block” and set the category to “youth”. Now every time you write a blog post and add the youth category it will automatically be on the youth page.

This concept works for everything! Blogs, Events, Sermons, Campuses, Ministries…

Your content is 99% of what you will manage on your website and we’ve made it unbelievably easy to do so.

We also decided to make sure you get setup correctly so we throw in the website build for free. We will create the new site for you at no additional charge to the platform so that you can get started just maintaining the site.

Final Thoughts

When you approach designing your website with “maintaining” in mind, you can create a system that looks great and anyone can easily manage. Any volunteer can add a new sermon or event without touching the design of the website. It gives you and your team the freedom to focus on the bigger picture and trust that your site is always going to look great.



  • You spend 1-3 weeks building a website
  • You spend the rest of the time maintaining the website
  • Most platforms focus on how easy it is to build a new website
  • We focus on how easy it is to maintain a website
  • …and we build the website for you for free