About us

We saw a need and built a solution. In 2015, our founder, Paul Cox, realized that there was a need for a system that is easy to use and doesn’t force you to know a lot about design. A few months later the first version of The Church Co Platform was launched. Starting completely from scratch we looked at the simple question of “What do churches need online?”. We boiled this down to four things. Pages, Blogs, Events, Podcasts.

We’ve seen so many websites that have events that are outdated by years still sitting on the homepage so we said: “What if the event automatically removed themselves?”. This is how we have built our event system. The next question was “Why is it so hard to get podcasts into iTunes?”. We simplified the process so that through our system you can have as many separate iTunes feeds as you need. Maybe one for youth, young adults, creative and Sunday sermons. The possibilities are endless. We wanted to give people the ability to build out custom landing pages so we created a system that allows you to customize pages by adding new sections. You never have to worry about if it is going to look go or not, you just write the content, enter your service times, add your locations and hit publish. We take care of the rest.

The Pricing

We want to be fair. We decided early on that we want to offer a fair cost. Since our system allows you to enter all of your content we didn’t think it fair to charge a large signup fee. Instead, we opted for a monthly fee that very closely ties to our overhead. We want to provide ministries with an option that can meet their needs without breaking the bank.

Our Ministry

We consider this our ministry. This is what is in our hands. Many people can write songs and preach amazing messages and serve on different teams. Our strength is building websites and we want to use that to help others reach people. We feel that your website is the first interaction that your church or ministry has with a new person. What is it saying? Is it mobile-friendly or is it out of date. Does that make a new person think your church might also be out of date? These are the questions we want to solve and it is our mission to ensure that churches look online exactly how they are in person.

Thank you

This is our story. We pray that you find our service useful and if you ever have questions about anything please contact us. We are always available to our users and want to help you succeed.