How it works

Save your time. We'll set you up.

We take the pain out of creating a new website. It usually takes about 7 days to completely launch your new site depending on its current size. Here is how it works.

The Process

Create Account

Step One
(if you don't have one already)


Choose A Plan

Step Two
(from your account page)


Send Us Info

Step three
(fill out the setup form)


We Build Your Site

Step Four
(we will create your site for you)


Step 1Create An Account

The first step is to create an account. This will create a new website that we will be able to add your content to.

Step 2Set Up Payments

Before we can start entering your content we need you to choose your plan and set up your billing information. Log in to your account. Click "My Account" from the list of options. Choose your plan and enter your payment details. We will receive this instantly which will officially kick off the project.

Step 3Setup Request

Once you have chosen a plan you will be prompted to fill out our Setup Request form. This form will walk you through providing us all the information and logos and images needed to build your site.

Step 4Building

We will build your site for you taking the info from your current site and recreating it in our Platform. After we have finished adding the content we will send you the link to review. When you are ready, let us know and we will make the required changes to your domain to point it to your new website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current domain?

Yep! When you are ready to launch your site, we will take care of mapping your existing domain to the new website.

Do I have to be a church?

Nope! We have all sorts of organizations and individuals that use our Platform. Everyone is welcome.

Do you offer email accounts?

No, but Google Suite does and it is free for Non-profits. They offer email that uses your domain that can be used with our Platform.

Can I keep my existing Online Giving system?

Yes! You can continue to use your current giving system with our Platform. You can either enter their embed code or link to their hosted giving page.

Why do you build the sites for free?

We’ve found that it’s much easier for you to learn our system when you start with a finished product instead of a blank canvas. Building a new website is about 10% of what you will do with your site. 90% is maintaining it. We do the building and have made the maintaining unbelievably easy for anyone to manage.