Creating a site is easy! Here is a quick outline to get you started.

1. Sign up

Enter the name of your organization and we will create you a new subdomain to start editing. Add your email and create a password as well.

2. Log in

Once you are logged in you will see all the options you need to follow to get your site customized.

3. Select Your Theme

You can pick from one of our themes as a starting point for your site. Then you will be able to customize all of the colors and font and images.

4. Add Your Logo

Upload your logo or remove it if you don’t have one.

5. Edit Your Home Page

You are able to upload images and add new sections to a page by clicking the “New Row” button. It’s easy to create a completely custom look and feel for each page. If you aren’t feeling up to this let us know and we’ll copy your content over for you.

6. Add Your Basic Details

Update your details so that people will be able to contact you.

7. Launch Your site

When you are ready to launch follow these instructions or just send us an email and we will do it for you.

Get Started