Capturing Attention

Paul Cox   -  

They say you have about three seconds when a visitor lands on your website to communicate your message.

3. Seconds.

How is that possible? Is it even achievable?

The good news is that you can do it and we’ve outlined a couple ways right here.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words

One single picture can tell your visitors so much about who you are as a church. It can communicate the type of people that attend, what they wear and if they are happy. A photo can tell so much more than a paragraph of text can.

Talk in Present Tense

There are a lot of different phrases we see on church homepages.

  • Welcome Home
  • You Belong Here
  • Love God. Love People.

We have to remember this is potentially the only thing a visitor will read in the 3 second. We are big fans of putting your mission statement in the header. After all, it is your entire purpose. To avoid sounding stale, try writing your mission in present tense.

Here’s an example.

Say your mission statement is

“Our mission is to reach and influence our community with the love of God”

This, though a great mission, sounds like something you want to do someday but isn’t happening now. Instead we could write it as:

“Reaching and influencing our community with the love of God”

This is happening now and makes people want to be a part of it.

Have A Call To Action

Provide a single button that people can click to plan their next step. We like to add a button in the header that says “Plan A Visit”. This can link to a page with info about attending for the first time or to a form to connect them with a member of your staff.


  • Use a photo of smiling, happy people at your church.
  • Talk in present tense about what is happening to inspire people to be a part of it.
  • Provide a single Call To Action Button

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