Build your own link tree

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You have a website, so let’s push people to it. We see a lot of people linking to other services from their Instagram bio or from Facebook. We prefer to link people straight to our website so that we can capture details about how many visits we are getting and how people are finding us.

Today we are going to build our own link tree and we are going to do it un under 5 minutes.

1. Create A Page
Head to pages and click Add New. Give your page a title and hit publish.

2. Add A Header
Add a header image and then flip over to options in the Page Header and change the type to “Use Image As Header”. That will let our image scale across different device sizes.

3. Add Your Links
Click the Page Builder Button and select the Basic Block.
Click New Button and adds some text and select a page to link the button to.
Repeat this for all the buttons.

4. Publish
Click save and that is it.

You can now direct people to your own website instead of another service.

Want to get a site built by our team? Head to our Migration page to learn more.