We take care of everything so that you can focus on your congregation.

Anything you need to be done is just an email away.

Church: “Can you build us an Easter Landing Page?”
TheChurchCo: “Yes”

Church: “Can you update our service times?”
TheChurchCo: “Done!”

Church: “We have a new youth pastor, here’s their info.”
TheChurchCo: “Nice! We’ve just added them to your staff page.”

Church: “We want people to know our pastor better.”
TheChurchCo: “Let’s add an announcement that slides in on the homepage and links to a video greeting from your pastor. We’ll get started on that.”

Church: “We’re running a women’s conference on the 24th”
TheChurchCo: “Great! We’ve just created a new page with all of the speakers and information. We also added an event so it shows up in your events feed and made a promo on the homepage for you.”

Expert advice, on-demand, whenever you need it.
We free you up to spend time with your people. The On-Demand Web Team is available as part of the Ultimate Plan.

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