Imagine adding your events & groups to Planning Center and having them automatically be on your website. Welcome to the next generation of Church Websites.

PCO People

Allow your members to keep their information up to date with our Member's Portal and Planning Center Sync. When they update their info it will update in Planning Center.

PCO Giving

Give from right within your own webpage. No more linking away to another page. Turn any button in our system into a Planning Center Giving Button.

PCO Events

No more double lifting. When you add events to Planning Center they will automatically show up on your website. When you update them in Planning Center the change is instantly updated as well.

PCO Groups

When you add a group to Planning Center it is automatically on your website. Save time and keep people on your website.

PCO Forms

Never leave your website. Planning Center form popup automatically when you add them to our platform.

PCO Sermons

Integrate Planning Center Sermons and Channels. Whenever you add a new message in Planning Center it will automatically be on your website as well.

Event Sync

Check out a church using our PCO Integration to dynamically read in all of their events automatically.

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Groups Sync

Our Groups sync scans your groups and adds them to our map for you members to filter.

See it in action

Start Saving Time

Get back your life. You'll never need to create two events again. Enter it once and distribute it everywhere!

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Getting Set Up

Once you have an account, head to Add Ons and choose Planning Center from the list. Enter your Planning Center Church ID to start using Giving and Events. You can now choose the Events row in the Page Builder and choose Planning Center from the list of options.