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Here's how it works

1. Create an account

Creating an account is super easy. Click on the Signup Button at the top right or right. Fill in the form and you are off to the races. This is the first step in the process.

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2. Select a plan

Once you have created an account, you’ll land on the Payments Page. This is where you select a plan and enter your payment details.

Choose the plan that you’d like, enter your card details and you are officially on your way to having a new website.

3. Fill out our design form

Once your payment has gone through, you will see a button asking you to fill out our setup request form.

This form gives us all of the information that we need to make sure we build you an effective website that represents your church well to your community.

Once you fill this out, you’ll officially have your website in one week.

4. We build the website for you

Now’s the time when our team of church designers start building your website. If we have any questions for you during this process, we’ll reach out to you for clarity.

This part of the process takes us roughly one week.

5. You review it and send us revisions

After your site has been built it will go through our internal review process to ensure it is up to our standards.

Once it has passed that, we will email you the first draft of your website.

Remember this isn’t the final product because you get to review it and send us changes.

Have a look over the entire site and compile your thoughts into our Revisions Form.

Depending on the setup package you’ve chosen you’ll either be able to submit one, two or three rounds of revisions.

6. Final reviews

After all of the revisions rounds are completed, you and your team are able to make any further changes you’d like to your site.

You have the same level of access that we have so you can literally change anything leading up to the launch of your website.

7. Website Launch

Now for the fun! You have the ability to launch the website yourself, but we also offer to do this for you. We can login on your behalf and make the required domain changes to launch your website.

We advise that you do this on a Monday-Thursday so that the final website is live before the weekend.


Can I edit the site myself?

100%! You have the same level of access that we have to log in and make as many changes as you’d like.

How long does it take?

Our process takes roughly one week depending on the setup package that you choose.

Why are you doing this?

This is our ministry. God put this in our hand and we want to use our skills to help the church. Our goal is to use website to get people into your church. We’ve seen that better websites actually do this. So we want as many churches as possible to have the best possible website so that more people attend their church and ultimately find Jesus.

What will it look like?

Pretty good. We’re not going to lie. Have a look at our Portfolio, your site can look like anything you see here.


How much does it cost?

Our pricing page outlines all of our pricing which starts at $29/m.

Pricing Page

How to I get started?

Create an account to get started.

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