We’re excited to announce this new feature CHURCH OFFLINE.

Let’s face it. 99% of the week your Online Church page is just sitting there doing nothing. It’s available 24/7 but your church service is only online for a few hours a week. We don’t want you to miss an opportunity to greet and interact with new people so we’ve just released a new feature called “Church Offline”.

This feature lets you schedule content to show to your visitor when your live stream isn’t live.


Using the Online Church block, enter your live stream and set a schedule. Then enter the fallback content you want to show. This can be a video or an image but we’d suggest you go with a video.

Use this video to welcome people to church, tell them when the next service will be, and point them to your sermon archive where they can catch up on last week’s message.

It’s time that your Church website works for you to reach new people and this is just one more tool that helps you do that.

We can’t wait to hear how this helps you and your church minister to people 24/7.

– Paul