Sermons & Podcasting

Everything in one place. Upload Audio. Attach Video. Send to your favorite podcasting services.

No limits to how much you can upload
iTunes, Google Play, Spotify Compatible
The Church Co Website builder allows you to simply add your sermon videos or podcasts for all of your congregation to view!

Upload Your Message & Tag The Speaker

Let your visitors decide how they want to watch or listen. Give them both options in the same place.

Display All of Your Content Together

Categorize Your Message

Unlimited Podcasting Feeds

Set up as many different podcasting feeds as you'd like. You can have one for each campus or one for your church and a separate one for your youth all from the same system at no extra charge.

Easy Sharing

By creating a single page for your message you can easily share this to social media.


How do I upload a Sermon on The Church Co?

To upload a sermon, podcast or media, head to The Church Co Dashboard and select Sermon & Podcasts from the list. To find out more, visit our help page.

Is there a limit to how many I can upload?

No, there’s no limit to how many Sermons you can upload. You can upload as many as you want!

How can uploading Sermons help my Church?

Uploading sermons can help your church in a few ways.

For one, it can help people who are unable to attend church services due to illness or other commitments.
It can also help those who want to review the sermon again or share it with friends.
Finally, it provides a way for people to feel more connected to your church even when they’re not able to be there in person.