Add a Prayer Wall to your website

Allow people to submit prayer request and praise reports and lets other people pray and celebrate with them.
Get Notified

Setup who should be notified when a new request comes through.


Allow people to submit anonymously.

Instant Approval

Filter and approve posts before they become public.

See it in action!

Add your request below and our team will pray for you. While you are here, take a moment to pray for others.


What is a Prayer Wall?

Most likely, you have seen a Prayer Wall at some point on a website. They are becoming increasingly popular, especially in churches. A Prayer Wall is simply a wall where people can post prayer requests for others to see and pray for. It is an effective way to allow people to pray for one another and creates a sense of community.

There are many benefits of having a Prayer Wall, including but not limited to the following:
-Allows members of the congregation to feel connected to one another
-Creates a sense of community.
-Encourages people to pray for one another.
-Allows people to post anonymous prayer requests.
-Brings attention to specific needs within the church body.

Using a Church Website Builder like The Church Co allows you to easily implement a Prayer Wall and allows your Church to submit Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

How can my Church Congregation add a Prayer Request or Praise Report?

Adding a prayer request or praise report to your church congregation is a great way to keep everyone connected and involved in the life of the church.

Using The Church Co Website Builder you can add the widget to any page, and immediately your Church can submit using the form. Above is a great example on how to use the Prayer feature.