Apps have never been a problem. In 2020 there were over 34 Billion app downloads from the App Store. People love apps. Church apps tho… well they’re expensive, a pain to maintain, take a percentage of tithes and lack useful features. We decided your church deserves better.

The next generation of church apps is now here! We’ve packed your app full of features that seamlessly sync with your Church website. Every time you update your website with new content your app immediately updates.

Add a new sermon, it’s in the App.

Update a sermon outline, it’s in the App for your members to follow along and take notes.

You can even edit and update the app through your dashboard. You have full control over the colors, design and tabs.

By leveraging web technology your app stays in sync all of the time.

And YES… we are fully integration with PushPay, Planning Center, Church Suite and more so that your current giving solution will continue to work.

With a custom app, your members can search the App Store, find your church (with your logo), and install the app on their phone.

Since the custom app is part of our Ultimate plan, that also means you’ll have The Church Co as an extended part of your team. With our Church Website Builder, we’ll be your website team and your app team, making any edits and changes you want to either. Not only will having both your website and app through The Church Co save you money, but it’ll also save you and your team hours a week so you can have more time to focus on your ministry.

Our goal is to reach more people but it’s important that your current members stay connected. We’re excited by all of the possibilities that this opens up as we push toward our goal of seeing 1 Million people attending churches by 2025.

– Paul