Paul Cox


Hey! Nice to meet you. I’m Paul and I started The Church Co to help churches have access to high-quality programming and development at a discounted rate.

I remember seeing a church website and saying “that’s enough”. I was tired of seeing churches get taken advantage of and paying thousands down just to have a site they could have built themselves. I decided to do something about it and created a platform that would allow them to build their own sites and save you a ton of money as well… then decided that we’d build the site for you for free to help more!

I come from a background of working for Churches, Nonprofits and large corporations.

I was on staff at Hillsong in Sydney as the Lead PHP Developer when we built

I later went on to work for A creative studio helping nonprofits build solutions to reach and help people.

I’ve worked for large corporations and huge well-known companies. You can learn all about it at

The point of the story is that when we take the same approach to websites that large companies take and we apply it to the church as we have done here, it becomes much easier for your church to grow and scale online.

I love talking to people and that chat in the corner will put you through to me. If you have any questions, send me a message!

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